November 26, 2012

10 Reasons Small Businesses Need an Online Presence

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Small Bussiness Needs an Online Presence

10 Reasons Small Businesses Need an Online Presence

Follow the herd. Customers have migrated online and millions of small businesses continue to tell themselves either they don’t need a website or they can’t afford one. The fact is that they old walk by traffic model doesn’t work in a world of hyper focused and highly distracted customers. Customers aren’t going to just wonder in or get in their car and start exploring. If they are going to explore it is going to be on the internet and if you don’t have a better site and better ranking in the online search engines you simply won’t be found. For those who have a website that isn’t being optimized and promoted you may as well have a store in the middle of a desert.

Do you look good good on the small screen? That’s right most small business owners, like most actors, want to be on the big screen or desktop monitor, but the little screen is where it is at now. Mobile smartphones are dominating laptops and desktops so if you don’t look good and have a good user experience on mobile devices then you will miss out on sales even if they do find your website. Small Is the New Big as Seth Godin likes to say.
Not to mention the 7 inch tablet market. Portable is powerful, be there.

If you can’t afford a website, you can’t afford not to have a website. A website works 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is the best employee your small business will ever hire and the most consistent salesperson you will ever train. It is time to get your knowledge and expertise out of your head and convert it into sales copy and video that will repeatedly sell and spread your story so you don’t have to. That’s right, clone yourself or your best sales person and automate your business. If you are small or a one person show, you absolutely need to replicate your efforts and leverage your time.

Content design and strategy. If you don’t have one then your website is for you not your business. user interface, calls to action, branding, and user focused content are all key parts of making money off your website. It isn’t enough to just tell them about your company. If they wanted information they could open a phone book and stare at addresses and fax numbers. That is not compelling and all your competition is doing that. Fact is you need to make your website sell for you and build relationships. You do that with smart design.

What does it all mean? Yes as I reminisce over the double rainbow guy contemplating deep meaning, I hear your cries for help. This is why it pays to hire a consultant. Good advice can point your small business in a direction that gets results. Sometimes people have the parts to be successful, but they aren’t using them right. The difference between success and failure is just a little bit, but that little bit makes all the difference. I have met people who said, I do all those things and nothing happens. Usually they think they are doing everything right when really they are missing something vital. If you want some good consultation, a website, Social Media Management, or SEO (Search engine Optimization) contact us and we can help you put a plan together that works on your budget and moves you closer to success.

We believe success comes easier when you do things smarter. Contact us at 509-362-1966 orĀ Send Email .

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