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Are You Ready for the Customer Experience Revolution - Social Magnets
Customer Experience

Are You Ready for the Customer Experience Revolution?

Posted  April 20, 2017  by  test buyer

We have all heard the word revolution before, but is it hyperbole to say there is going to be a customer experience revolution? I don’t think so. If you zoom out and take a look at all the power conversations in business right now (digital transformation, business agility, CX, mobile, big data, and personalization), you […]

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Extracting the Business Value from Social Media - Social Magnets
Social Media

Extracting the Business Value from Social Media

Posted  March 21, 2017  by  test buyer

Social media communicates, structures, streamlines, and automates your business in a way no other tool has ever done. Businesses may have looked at social media in the past as a fad or consumer network with little business value. Many of the early adopters tried to use it as just a broadcast network but since their […]

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The Power of Relationships in Business and Life - Social Magnets

The Power of Relationships in Business and Life

Posted  March 8, 2017  by  test buyer

Check out the 2 min audio: Connections are made with every person, thing, and piece of information we come in contact with. We are together on this planet, and more and more that reality is being assisted by technology. I swim in the sea of digital and social media and I observe many people all […]

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Building Your Business with Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Building Your Business with Influencer Marketing

Posted  February 21, 2017  by  test buyer

Influencer marketing can work for your business no matter what the size. We have all heard about influencer marketing and every day there are more examples and case studies, but can it really work for you and your brand? The answer is yes, and you don’t have to be a large brand either. See influencer […]

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Market Segmentation and the Key to Sales Conversions

Market Segmentation and the Key to Sales Conversions

Posted  February 13, 2017  by  test buyer

Listen to the 2 min Audio on market segmentation below: Some of you may already know about market segmentation, but you may not understand how it really impacts your conversions. Many people think market segmentation is either for the big businesses or that it is a good idea, but not really needed. I want to […]

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3 Tips to Get People to Read Your Blog

OK maybe not that major, but I will say that as a consumer of fine information I know what I look for in the first 3 seconds I am on a blog that will determine if I will read it or not. First impressions count and when there ar...
by test buyer


Tweeting Fat in Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a funny thing to me. People wear them to look skinny, but most people are so crammed into them they look like they may explode at any time. Twitter is the same way. We all know we have 140 characters, but some ...
by test buyer


Google Your World Feature on Google Search

When we think of searching in Google we think of things we want to explore that aren’t part of our circles, but that way social media has expanded our digital world now creates an environment when we want bits and pieces ...
by test buyer


0 to 5000 Twitter Followers - Social Magnets

From 0 to 5,000 Twitter Followers – What I’ve Learned

                    It’s been about a year! My brother reminded me the other day that it had been a year since I really decided to go after social media and that I had 300...
by test buyer


Social Media – Looking People in the Eyes

We have all met people in real life that talked to us like we were not that important. If you have ever talked to someone who wasn’t looking you in the eyes you know what I mean. When people lock eyes there is a connectio...
by test buyer



Google+ Leverage is the Name of the Game

It seems like the old Apple vs Microsoft that there are strong opinions of who is the greater. Much of this ends up being speculation because not only are the platforms starting at different times, but the platforms are changin...
by test buyer


Twitter is So Much Deeper than 140 Characters

Twitter has become like the rebels from the movie The Matrix. As the battle wages over Facebook and Google+ in what appears to be the real world, Twitter sits in the background as an ever growing power waiting to take over. I k...
by test buyer


The Mis-management of Tech Startups

With more and more tech startups literally popping up all over the web everyone and their dog is ready to get in the game and they are. The problem is many of the programmers and idea guys that start internet startups have lit...
by test buyer



Empire Avenue – Streets Paved with Influence

Before getting involved in Empire Avenue I heard positive and negatives about it. Some people were working hard at building their empire, while others thought it was a huge waste of time, so I dove in to find out. Premise ̵...
by test buyer

What is the value of a Facebook fan?

What is the Value of a Facebook Fan? [Infographic]

  Facebook Fans have been one of the benchmarks for Facebook marketers for some time, but what it the real value of a Facebook fan? Many people get filtered out of being successful because they can’t even get to the ...
by test buyer



How to Create a Facebook Landing Page

You have seen them before, the nice custom designed splash pages that people see when first coming to someones Facebook page but you may have thought that wasn’t something you could create. Well, thanks to Pat’s sho...
by test buyer


The Tweet Button

The Tweet Button is a short video from Twitter that explains the Tweet button that you see on many sites. They explain what it is, how it works, and where you can get one if you want to add it to a site or page that doesn’...
by test buyer


How to Catch an Empire Avenue Cheater

I started my day by creating some missions on Empire Avenue for a client of mine. I was looking for some comments on a video blog. Now you may have read my previous article on cleaning up the streets of Empire Avenue where I su...
by test buyer



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