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3 Reasons Personalization is the Undeniable Future of Business - Social Magnets

3 Reasons Extreme Personalization is the Undeniable Future of Business

Posted  July 26, 2017  by  Ross Quintana

The way you think of marketing and personalization is about to go through some dramatic change. The decades of mass broadcast marketing that seemed impersonal and annoyed you was in fact impersonal. We are entering a new age thanks to technologies like artificial intelligence and deep learning that will enable not just personalization, but extreme […]

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Are You Ready for the Customer Experience Revolution - Social Magnets
Customer Experience

Are You Ready for the Customer Experience Revolution?

Posted  April 20, 2017  by  Ross Quintana

We have all heard the word revolution before, but is it hyperbole to say there is going to be a customer experience revolution? I don’t think so. If you zoom out and take a look at all the power conversations in business right now (digital transformation, business agility, CX, mobile, big data, and personalization), you […]

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Extracting the Business Value from Social Media - Social Magnets
Social Media

Extracting the Business Value from Social Media

Posted  March 21, 2017  by  Ross Quintana

Social media communicates, structures, streamlines, and automates your business in a way no other tool has ever done. Businesses may have looked at social media in the past as a fad or consumer network with little business value. Many of the early adopters tried to use it as just a broadcast network but since their […]

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The Power of Relationships in Business and Life - Social Magnets

The Power of Relationships in Business and Life

Posted  March 8, 2017  by  Ross Quintana

Check out the 2 min audio: Connections are made with every person, thing, and piece of information we come in contact with. We are together on this planet, and more and more that reality is being assisted by technology. I swim in the sea of digital and social media and I observe many people all […]

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Building Your Business with Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing

Building Your Business with Influencer Marketing

Posted  February 21, 2017  by  Ross Quintana

Influencer marketing can work for your business no matter what the size. We have all heard about influencer marketing and every day there are more examples and case studies, but can it really work for you and your brand? The answer is yes, and you don’t have to be a large brand either. See influencer […]

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Social Media Olympics 2012

3 Things the Olympics Can Teach Us About Social Media

The Olympic fever is hot right now and there are three things we can learn about social media from the Olympic buzz. I was sitting on my couch last night and one of my favorite shows announced they would be gone for a few weeks...
by Ross Quintana

0 to 5000 Twitter Followers - Social Magnets

From 0 to 5,000 Twitter Followers – What I’ve Learned

                    It’s been about a year! My brother reminded me the other day that it had been a year since I really decided to go after social media and that I had 300...
by Ross Quintana

The O-ring that Blows Up Your Business

The O-ring that Blows Up Your Business

The day is January 28th 1986. The space shuttle Challenger lifted off and after a very short time exploded and disintegrated into pieces before the eyes of millions watching. This was a tragic event that happened because a fail...
by Ross Quintana


How to Create Excellent Video without Smarts

How to Make Exceptional Videos Without Smarts

Hello Everyone, Video has been looming around the social media landscape for some time, yet only recently is it really coming into its own. Youtube has a huge hand in making video stay on top of mind, and recently sites like vi...
by Ross Quintana

Boycott Instagram

Why Do People Want to #BoycottInstagram

If you logged on to Twitter today, you may have noticed the trending hashtag #BoycottInstagram. At first glance you may have wondered what this is all about. Instagram is a social media darling, so why would that hashtag trendi...
by Ross Quintana


Social Media Creates Influence

How Social Media Influences People – Infographic

                          Social media is changing more than the way we communicate. Since the first caveman grunted at his wife once to say he was hungry, and tw...
by Ross Quintana


Twitter Tutorial 3 – The Basics How to Engage

This is the 3rd Twitter tutorial video in a series from beginner to advanced use of Twitter. Video 1 was how to sign up to Twitter and Video 2 was how to Tweet. In this 3rd Twitter tutorial video we are going  learn how to eng...
by Ross Quintana

Is Your Marketing Timeless?

Is Your Marketing Timeless?

To answer the question, “Is Your Makreting Timeless? No it isn’t. I’m going to share with you 4 Key understandings to make your message stick. Marketing doesn’t operate outside of time because people...
by Ross Quintana


What is the value of a Facebook fan?

What is the Value of a Facebook Fan? [Infographic]

  Facebook Fans have been one of the benchmarks for Facebook marketers for some time, but what it the real value of a Facebook fan? Many people get filtered out of being successful because they can’t even get to the ...
by Ross Quintana



Bio Summary Jure takes “poking” to a new level – With wit and a rational approach, there is no topic that he will not tackle when it comes to social media and the impact on our day to day lives. Jure’s c...
by Ross Quintana


Small Voice in a Big World - Social Magnets

Small Voices in a Big World

The internet is big and it connects billions of people. This means the level of noise is immense. Our response to the noise of the world like a baby’s response to over-stimulation is to need quiet time. This is why market...
by Ross Quintana

Digital Influence - Social Magnets

Digital Influence – Understanding the Zeros and Ones

We’re online. We work in a world of zeros and ones (binary code). Simple numbers that are the fabric of our digital experience. The problem happens when there become thousands and millions of them in different arrangement...
by Ross Quintana


Twitter Tutorial 4 – Discovering People to Follow

This is the 4th video in our Twitter Tutorial video series. In video one we learned how to sign up for Twitter and build our profile, video two covered how to tweet, video three taught us how to engage with others, and video fo...
by Ross Quintana



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