April 18, 2012

Another Random Act of Kindness

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Written by: Ross Quintana

Another Random Act of Kindness

Today we are all busy and living our lives, and sometimes we are so busy we forget to take a simple daily action and do something nice or say thank you to someone else. We have all had a bad day and sometimes a smile or a kind word can change a person’s day entirely. You may be the only person that whole day that smiled at them or said something nice (including their family). These are known as random acts of kindness and the trend is spreading. Let’s take it to another level. Instead of buying a cup of coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks, lets say thank you to people who are helping others every day.

Some people have bad days, while for others every day is a struggle. I’m talking about people with developmental disabilities.  People in cities across the US volunteer their time and even choose as a career to help those who struggle every day to do basic things that we take for granted. The staff of these types of centers work patiently every day with people who struggle and sometimes every day is a challenge. Below is a video of a community center in Hialeah Florida that helps adults with disabilities.

As your random act of kindness, Please click the link below to go to the site and say thank you in the comments for their good work they are doing in that community.


Doing good feels good, and our lives are enriched because of it. If we are going to do a random act of kindness sometimes it isn’t a cup of coffee, but a thank you to people who are working hard and helping others. Sometimes it is about looking for people who don’t get to rest from their bad days: people with illnesses, people with disabilities, and the people who care for them. The toughest thing to deal with is to not be able to escape your problem. For most of us we can simply hope tomorrow is going to be a better day. For many people hope like that is simply not an option. Thanks for reading this and I hope you can find a few minutes once in a while to search out the people who don’t get a rest from their problems and give them a smile or do a random act of kindness for them.

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