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Social Media in Our Lives #Infographic

Social media is in our lives, from the way we shop, communicate, decide, and live. This infographic does a great job at breaking down the relevance of social media in mobile use, business, personal life, and communication. I ha...
by Ross Quintana

Is Your Marketing Timeless?

Is Your Marketing Timeless?

To answer the question, “Is Your Makreting Timeless? No it isn’t. I’m going to share with you 4 Key understandings to make your message stick.┬áMarketing doesn’t operate outside of time because people...
by Ross Quintana


The Anatomy of a Good Homepage #Infographic

Websites are like people, there are millions of them and they range from beautiful to ugly. The fact is that I visit tons of websites looking for good content to share and people to meet. Sometimes it makes me sad that there ar...
by Ross Quintana


Social Media Creates Influence

How Social Media Influences People – Infographic

                          Social media is changing more than the way we communicate. Since the first caveman grunted at his wife once to say he was hungry, and tw...
by Ross Quintana

Walking the Social Media Tightrope

Walking the Social Media Tightrope – #infographic

Many people are walking the social media tightrope. Social media platforms essentially magnify communication. The problem is that what normally takes time, review, and thought now can be released without any of those. An off co...
by Ross Quintana




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