Tsu Social Network

Tsu Social Network Buzz

Hello everyone, What do you get when you cross a social network like Facebook with an MLM like structure where users instead of the platform get paid ad revenue? You get the Tsu Social Network – a New Social Network for p...
by Ross Quintana

Counter Positioning to win

Counter-Positioning to Win

Hello everyone, When it comes to positioning, this is one of the most powerful concepts to good strategy. It reminds me of the the ancient karate master who stands there smoking his pipe while 3 young guys try and fight him and...
by Ross Quintana

Social Collaboration - The Next Level

Social Collaboration – Mixbit and The Next Level

The world of social media is constantly changing and evolving. Where is it heading and what is next? Today I saw Mixbit trendingĀ on Twitter so I checked it out. The original co-founders of Youtube Steve Chen and Chad Hurley ha...
by Ross Quintana


Brand Compatibility

The Future of Brand Compatibility

We all use technology more and more in our lives. As someone who is an early adopter, I love living with the latest technology. I had WebTV back in the 90’s which is basically what smart tv’s are almost at now (sad)...
by Ross Quintana

Innovation Through Refinement

Innovate Through Refinement

There is a saying that knowledge is power, in the world of innovation this is particularly true. I have always been fascinated by innovation. I am what you would call a classic idea guy. I can look at things and instantly a spr...
by Ross Quintana



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