5000 to 100000 Twitter Followers - What I Learned

From 5000 to 100000 Followers on Twitter – What I learned

Hello everyone! Well, the time has come…. and I am happy to be able to write this follow up post to my 0 to 5,000 Followers on Twitter post from about a year ago. I┬áhave seen tons of growth and am happy to write this pos...
by Ross Quintana

Tsu Social Network

Tsu Social Network Buzz

Hello everyone, What do you get when you cross a social network like Facebook with an MLM like structure where users instead of the platform get paid ad revenue? You get the Tsu Social Network – a New Social Network for p...
by Ross Quintana

The Secrets of Social Gratitude - Social Magnets

The Secret of Smart Social Gratitude

I was reading a post by Mark Schaefer this morning called, Why I stopped thanking people on the social web. It was an interesting article on the issue of Tweeting thank you’s to people who share your content. There is an ...
by Ross Quintana


Acting Like Facebook on Twitter

How To Not Act Like Facebook On Twitter

Oh Facebook, how do you annoy me, let me count the ways… Have you ever gone to your feed or wall and it is dominated by one person posting things you don’t really care about? In the real world we don’t call ev...
by Ross Quintana

Small Business Getting started with Social Media

How Small Businesses can Get Started on Social Media

OK millions of small businesses are realizing that they need to have a social media presence. For a while they thought they could ignore it and that it was a trend that would pass, but now they are slowly realizing that social ...
by Ross Quintana




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