February 2, 2012

Google+ Leverage is the Name of the Game

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Google+ has joined the social platform game and there are many opinions about how it will fare against Facebook and other platform.

It seems like the old Apple vs Microsoft that there are strong opinions of who is the greater. Much of this ends up being speculation because not only are the platforms starting at different times, but the platforms are changing constantly and what wasn’t attractive one day can change the next. So what is going to matter when it comes to G+ getting ahead?

Leverage – Google has the golden key because it has the eye of online businesses. Since everyone wants to have better search engine rankings, Google’s favor is always wanted. Many speculated that signing up for Google Plus would help their rankings on other things. The speculation grew and many early adopters were not just there for the friends. Later this proved to be true as Google started integrating Google+ into their search rankings. Everyone figured that a Google+ business page should rank better than a Facebook fan page and I would put my hat in on that one. It would be crazy for Google to not use their leverage in the search world to attract more of a user base.

The second piece of leverage Google+ has is integration. Facebook is just , but Google can integrate all of its other products into G+. This means that you can’t just count its current user base, you have to consider all of the other users that use other products of theirs. Once they innovate a new something you can do across products they multiply the crossover users who now have an incentive to use both. If Google is smart (they would hire me), they would put a focus on this aspect of their business strategy.

Facebook is going to have to step up for the first time because Google+ isn’t going away. Their circle design is much easier to use than the Facebook lists. It doesn’t force you to dig through all of your friends to add them to lists. The video chat is also going to expand as more and more people want real connections in the digital world. Facebook really only has it’s large user base that it can leverage against Google’s search leverage. I am not a fan of Facebook myself so I won’t say what I think they could do to position themselves for longevity. Fact is they are like many tech companies that make it big while there is no real competition. As soon as someone else figures out how to do it better and build a big user base, then they will be forced to step up or give up market share.

Face it, these two giants are about to really face off when Google+ gets a big user base. My money is on Google for the simple reason that they have more influential leverage and haven’t pissed off their user base as much as Facebook. People have a memory just like computers and all the changes without notice and invasion of privacy is going to come back to Facebook when Google+ grow into the platform that it can be. The great thing is you don’t have to choose, you can accounts with both of them.

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by Ross Quintana

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