October 29, 2012

Google – The Old Blind Master

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Google - The Old Blind Master

Google – The Old Blind Master

We have all seen the kung fu story where the old blind master teaches a young new student. SEO and Google are very much like that old blind master. The story of Google is a story of a blind man who is trying to imagine the real world with his senses. Google can’t see we pages, Google is an algorithm or set of rules in a formula. It is attempting to see a website without having sight. It is at a basic level an attempt at artificial life.

What people don’t realize is that for all it does and all it aspires to be, Google is not as good as the average person at determining the rank and quality of a webpage. The big flaw that causes their blindness is that they are a machine. There is no one standard for defining quality of a site. Even in different categories the value of images is different. The value of length of posts is different depending on the topic and crowd who is consuming the information. Google was born blind and as a result they have tried to imaging the world by heightening their other senses.

In the story the old master comes across a young pupil. In this case Google created the pupil by controlling the digital audience with their search engine. Once people realized they could learn from the old master to rank higher they started observing him and trying to get him to teach them his ways. This is when people started fixing their tags and keywords. Over time the master felt the presence of the young and aggressive grasshopper and decided to show them he was still the master by showing them something new…. algorithm changes. Yes Google busted out algorithm style!

The young student was bloodied by his master but would not give up. Google hit him with penguin style and wild panda attacks but this only helped the students gain discipline and observe their master more. The wisdom of the old master is challenged by the zeal and drive of youth. The only way to beat the blind master is not to follow him and work within his rules because he is a master of those rules. The only way to beat the master is to understand he is stuck in the world of his own rules. When you can see outside of that you will become the master.

When you can snatch the ranking out of the hand of the master then you are ready…… Google will always be trying to see what they cannot. They will look to social indicators because they need the human indicators to tell them what is good just like they valued links. If we know they can’t see and they rely on their other senses then we can position ourselves accordingly. Write good content….. Humans will like it and share it….. That will trigger the Blind Master to imagine it is quality. Your ranking will improve. Your thimble is full, now go practice.

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by Ross Quintana

by Ross Quintana