February 10, 2012

Google Your World Feature on Google Search

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Google Your World Feature brings a social side to the world of search engine results.

When we think of searching in Google we think of things we want to explore that aren’t part of our circles, but that way social media has expanded our digital world now creates an environment when we want bits and pieces of our own world in the results. Our digital reach is now so great that we need a search engine to bring us stuff from our own digital sphere.  So what does this mean? Enter Google Your World.

#1 the internet is becoming more social. Who you are connected to and the six degrees of separation now matter. Social media platforms have laid the groundwork of making the internet more global and more local at the same time. This will create some new niches and abilities that people have never imagined. Google Your World is blending the outside world with your inside social world.

#2 Hyper-local matters. When Google changes the way it serves up results it shifts who can position themselves into the results. One of the clear shifts Goggle Your World makes now is that you don’t have to compete with the world to get your information in front of people. Now if they like you on a network or you connect through a social media site, you can be a more regular part of their results in Google Your World. This adds for more connections that are passive instead of active on the part of the business or individual. Making connection is now as powerful as having the one best national site. This is better for businesses and provides more opportunities plus it is better for the user since it leans toward what they already like. So how can you use Google Your World to your advantage? Number one, connect with things and people that matter to you. If you want to grow your brand, you need to realize the importance of social media and its impact on results in the future. Having broad connections that are targeted to the people who want to hear what you are saying is going to be king. Build your networks now. The impact on SEO is going to be significant.


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by Ross Quintana

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