April 8, 2013

How To Not Act Like Facebook On Twitter

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Acting Like Facebook on Twitter

Oh Facebook, how do you annoy me, let me count the ways… Have you ever gone to your feed or wall and it is dominated by one person posting things you don’t really care about? In the real world we don’t call everyone in our address book to tell them what we are eating, or that we are going to bed, or even look at this funny picture. In the real world we don’t tell people something unless we think they will care. The fact is that for a social network Facebook is lacking in so many ways. Yes you can make lists so you could message only certain people, but how many people are going to take the time to do that? So what about Twitter, how do you avoid the same problem on Twitter. Here are 3 tips to help you avoid the ‘Share All’, ‘Overshare‘ pitfall.

1- Don’t ignore your audience. The first line of defense is thinking about your entire audience and ask yourself if they all care about what you are posting. Forgetting all your followers see every post can lead to oversharing. Sure users can pick through you content, but the more they have to do that the more likely they will unfollow you. Whether it is links you are sharing, pics, or a conversation you are having with one person, don’t forget your audience.

2- Know your mix. Variety is good when it comes to Twitter but not too much. You should know your core content that will interest your followers and add some variety but stay true to why they followed you. If you are chatting for more than 2 tweets, make sure to post some content in between your chat. This will keep you from filling up someone’s feed with a conversation they don’t care about. You can also direct message someone as you start chatting and switch over to that screen to chat in real time. The same goes when you are doing like a friday follow. Don’t thank a ton of people in a row on your feed, thank 2 and then post some content or retweet someone then thank a few more. The goal is to mix in good content with your stuff that others may not care about.

3- Remember the 3 tweet rule. When people pull up your profile without visiting your profile page it shows your bio and your last three tweets. Many times when people are deciding to follow you or not this is the information they have. They will read your bio and then look at your last three tweets to see if your feed looks interesting. If it is all chats they may not see anything interesting and pass. If they see only links or promotional things they may pass as well. Whatever your last 3 tweets are will represent your feed to people so think about that. If you post two links, add a thank you or real conversation on the third and if you are chatting post a link to. You never know how you are making your feed look so just be aware that the 3 tweet rule represents your feed.

With social media, remember it is a communication tool. Being aware of your audience, knowing what they are interested in, and not misrepresenting yourself will keep your followers engaged and following you. With communication tools that scale your conversations to thousands you can’t lose sight of your broadcast and feed. It is like ignoring guests that you invited to a party. Be thoughtful, be courteous, and be consistent and your followers will appreciate it and stick around.

Here is a funny video from Andrea Valeria on 10 things that can lead to oversharing. Enjoy

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by Ross Quintana

by Ross Quintana


by Ross Quintana