July 16, 2012

If This Then Wow – Social Media Tools

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Social Media Tools

If This Then That or IFTTT incredible social media tools.

If This Then That was launched on December 14th and is one of those social media tools that works on a simple premise. You set a trigger “IF THIS” and then you set an action for it to perform when that trigger happens “THEN THAT“. An example of this is IF a new post comes into an RSS feed THEN send a Tweet. Another example would be IF I post and new status update to Facebook, THEN send this email, or Tweet, or post it on this other site.  Getting Started is easy, you login with one of your accounts like Facebook and then activate other accounts like Twitter, Email, etc. From there you create what are called recipes. A recipe is a formula of, “If This, Then That”.

Now everyone likes to cook up their own recipes and this site doesn’t limit you to using just what your imagination can come up with. It has a social component so you can share your recipes with the community. You can also browse the community recipes and use them on your networks. This opens you up to seeing what automated little tasks other people have built. Social media tools like this help you connect other platforms and tools and that is why it can be so powerful.

If This Then That is like the Legos of social media tools. You are only limited by your imagination. Once you understand the mechanics of what you can do on the various networks you can automate simple tasks or you find uses that weren’t intended. You can even set up multiple chain reactions. You can integrate this with phone calls, text messages, email, and most popular platforms. Say you want to Tweet only posts about a certain topic from a blog or from Twitter. You can automate that. Say you want to auto follow people back without having to buy a program that sells that as a premium option. You can do it. Say you want to automatically Tweet links or photos you post to your Facebook without even clicking a button. You can do that as well.

IFTTT is one of the social media tools that is powerful because of how simple it is. There are certain things you have to manually do that can be set up in IFTTT so they happen automatically whenever you trigger them. TFTTT reminds me of Twitter when it first came out. Many people said, “So I can send a message with 140 characters…. so what!” IFTTT is simple on the surface but once you really understand it you will start to see how powerful it is. Social media tools like this become better the longer you use them as you find new uses you hadn’t thought of before. I am going to do a series highlighting some of the cool things you can do with it and different applications of it in social media so stay tuned. And head on over to and play around with it. It is fun and once you use it a bit you can start to imagine what you could do with it. Email me or leave comments below with the ways you think it can be used. If you post a great idea I will mention it in the series. Until then, subscribe to our blog and follow us on other social platforms.

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by Ross Quintana

by Ross Quintana


by Ross Quintana