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November 29, 2012

Igniting Social Media Growth

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Social Media Fire

Igniting Social Media Growth

Building a social media presence is a lot like trying to start a fire with flint. For most they will try a little while and then give up. The problem is that for many businesses they have to get a fire going or their business will die in the cold. Building a social media fire is not easy, but it isn’t impossible either. With the right tools and understanding you could build something that will keep you warm and have you singing around in no time. So what does it take to get going?

Sparks. The hardest part of starting a fire and the most discouraging part is generating enough sparks. A spark is that element that captures the imagination and draws the eye. In a world where everyone is trying to get your attention what is going to make your spark be seen? Every post should have a basic structure, this is like having something for the sparks to ignite. I like to cover some basics in each post and then ignite them with some great tips or aha sparks. This is a recipe for getting started but it takes more than just that. You have to keep showering your posts with great insight, tips, and analysis before it will finally get your audience red hot.

Blow on it. That’s right, once you get a little something started you need to turn it into a flame. Take advantage of opportunities. When people comment, reply to them, don’t let the ember die out. Keep the conversation going. Ask questions, don’t just throw information out there to die. You have to be there to manage your engagement after you put out good content to make those embers glow. Writing great content is the first step, then you have to engage with everyone who comes in contact with your content. Blow on those embers until a flame is started. Engage with anyone who reads your posts. Go and read some of theirs and promote them. You have to nurture each relationship until it becomes a flame. Once you get enough flames you will have yourself a fire.

Add Kindling. Your social media presence and relationships on any platform can die out, you have to add kindling to them. Just because you are getting some results on a platform, don’t stop. Keep adding to your knowledge of each platform you are using. Read an article a day about one platform and implement something new. The great thing about success on a platform is that it magnifies everything you do. If you try a contest with 1000 followers, it gets even better with 10,000. Maybe you tried something when your network was small and didn’t get much results. Try it again now that it is bigger and see if it works. It is easy to get lazy when you get a little success, but that is when you should be adding new kindling to every platform because you will get even more out of your efforts.

So many times I see people trying and just not getting the results they could because they are missing one key part of the process. Starting a social media blaze means doing the right things at each critical phase. Random sparks or adding wood to a fire that has no embers will produce nothing. The whole thing starts with the special spark that you add to social media, your voice, and your content. From there you have to learn how to create relationships that sizzle. Then you can add to your success and grow exponentially. So many people are trying to learn new platforms before they have found their voice. Others are talking up a storm without engaging the people who come in contact with their media. Follow the pattern, find your voice, engage, and grow, and you will be amazed at how it will spread from there.

Here is a little something to get your started:

Need some help getting your fire going? Contact me, let’s connect on the platform you are building I would be happy to help you and leave comments below of what has worked for you or the things you are struggling with. We also provide social media management and consulting for every budget. Call us 509-362-1966


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by Ross Quintana


by Ross Quintana