February 2, 2012

Knikkolette Church

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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As a leader in your industry, you may ask why you need to hire a social media professional when you can get a college intern or assign the task to your administrative staff. That’s a fair question and I’ll turn it back around, would you trust that college intern or administrative staff to represent your company, your brand, your reputation when you are trying to find investors for your next big project? Would you trust them to represent you in a board meeting or to be interviewed by the press? That’s essentially what you are doing.

As a social media strategist and a professional I research each client so I have an understanding of products and services so I have the ability to translate that knowledge into the social media space. As an avid social media participant on behalf of your company, I understand it’s my job to develop your company’s online community and engage with consumers and bloggers across a range of communities and channels.

I also sit with you, audit your existing social media presence, explain where and how your account activity could improve, what steps you need to take to see improvement in your online activity. You need to have a plan because social media is more than having a large number of fans and followers. Large numbers mean nothing if no one is calling you or buying your product or service.

This is an ever-changing field with new applications and technology being introduced almost daily. I research new products on a regular basis to stay current with this marketing trend everyone is starting to take advantage of.

Traditional marketing tactics, while they provide a good base, don’t work in the social media environment. I train groups of 10 or more in the Atlanta metro area and will soon have online e-class-rooms available to teach your staff how to use social media to bring your company to the next level.


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Ross Quintana

Founder of SocialMagnets, I am passionate about social media, influence, innovation, strategy, and marketing. I love to help people learn and understand the digital world. I stretch people’s thinking and share my analysis of information, tools, and strategies in social media. Let’s connect


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