May 29, 2014

How to Make Exceptional Videos Without Smarts

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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How to Create Excellent Video without Smarts

Hello Everyone,

Video has been looming around the social media landscape for some time, yet only recently is it really coming into its own. Youtube has a huge hand in making video stay on top of mind, and recently sites like vine have shown people can make videos on the fly, but there have been barriers keeping people from using video for marketing and business. Figuring out how to create a video that doesn’t look homemade is the first step, that will wipe out most people. If you make it past that and buy the expensive programs and equipment needed to add to that expertise then you still have to have the creative juices to make videos that work, engage, and sell. For most people this is not realistic. So how does everyone else get there without all that hassle?

I will start by saying I am a big fan of templates and tools. Why re-create the wheel, if I have to build everything from scratch I simply won’t get enough done. When I create something I like, I always use it as a framework for other things I am going to build. When I take on a daunting task, I find things I can automate or copy and paste. This allows me to work like Doctor Octopus on projects. So when I find a tool that delivers high end quality without to the time  and money investment, I am all about it. I found such a tool for video creation. It is called VideoMakerFX.

I had been searching for some templates to make explainer videos for clients and my own projects and there are some good options if you are willing to sift through all the crap out there. If you know me, you know I research like a beast before buying something. I have Adobe After Affects and was willing to invest the time to get familiar enough to use a template for it for some stunning videos. The only thing that bugged me was most purchased templates allowed only one time use. I didn’t want to re-buy it every time I wanted to use it again.

Then I found VideoMakerFX. This software lets you make a variety of cool videos that you can use, and sell to clients. Companies charge up to $2000 for an explainer video out there, and now I can make them for clients, and re-sell them for a fraction of the cost and way faster that using After Affects. This tool is just the kind of tool I love, inexpensive, simple to use, and delivers high quality products. I don’t normally do any affiliate products or even product promotions, but if I really like a product I am willing to share it, and if I am going to share it, I may as well get paid from the company.


So here are the details. I did the research and this is an exceptional product that will let anyone make tons of high end videos for a price that in many ways is ridiculous. Adobe products are too expensive and require a ton of learning. This product is less than a hundred bucks and lets you create professional videos in minutes not days. See examples below.

For marketers, social media managers, and even small businesses, this costs less than a 30 minute conversation with me :] and you can be up and running. If you want a cool kinetic word video, marketing video, or explainer video for your product or service, Check it out. I don’t need to sell you on it because it is straight forward and you can see how quality the end products are. It is a great tool to add professional videos to your blog, business website, or services offered, and the price is dinky compared to the alternatives. That is why I bought it and am sharing it. You can buy it with my affiliate link below.

P.S. The first time I saw this for sale I was still doing my research, so I thought it was the one, but kept researching and decided to buy it the next day. It said it was only available for 5 more hours, I figured it was just a fear of loss motivator, I mean I’m a marketing expert so these things don’t work on me. Well I went to buy it the next day and couldn’t. I was actually shocked, the limited time was actually real so I had to wait for them to open it up for sale again. It is now opened for a limited time. I am sure they are doing it to create buzz or demand, but bottom line, believe me when it says limited time. I couldn’t buy it anywhere after the time went out so if you want it, buy it. They take it off the market and work on new themes for it so get it while the getting is good and share your videos in the comments, I would love to see what you make. Thanks!

1 – Here are the links to the software. There is the basic program that comes with a bunch of themes:


2 – They also offer a couple other add ons you may be interested in. The first is extra themes, training, and tools to sell videos to businesses (the tool for locating local business websites without video is cool)


3 – They also offer additional themes and animations if you want more options for the basic package:


4 – Finally, they have the ProThemes add on above with a bonus monthly subscription for 50+ new themes a month which will really give you a large library of video templates and animations.


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