March 8, 2012

SEO trends and the Impact of Blogging [Infographic]

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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SEO Trends and the Impact of Blogging is a glimpse into the direction of search engine optimization an where it is headed.

We have all heard content is king, but with SEO the king is exercising his power as we move forward on the internet. Social media and blogging is starting to grow in importance. Audience engagement and the tools that measure it are going to be more and more important. A friend of mine asked me the other day, “Why should I care about Klout, Kred, or Peer Index type sites?” I told him that these tools not only measure activity and engagement, but they provide a social proof and standing that reflects you value online. Sites like Google are essentially doing the same thing behind the scenes. Google is Klout for websites. Google is looking at people’s reaction and engagement as a factor in determining your websites value.

SEO has always been kind of an unknowable field of guesswork and theory. By taking content and audience engagement into the equation it gives people who are trying to optimize their site much more tangible things to strive for and these things all benefit the end user. Search engines like Google have been manipulated with little need to show proof of audience engagement. Traffic would increase if your rank increased and then that became the proof of audience but it was partly generated by optimization in the beginning. Search engines had no way of knowing if people were going there because it was ranked well or if the content was quality. The future of SEO is clearly going to include social media and engagement and sharing of content. Start building your networks and engagement today.

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