September 20, 2012

Social Media at Work – [Infographic]

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Social Media at Work Infographic

Social Media at Work – Infographic

Get back to work people! Those words ring through the halls of many businesses. If you think socializing around cubicles is a problem, what happens when that social distraction goes global and spreads from one workplace to another? In a recent study on the affects of social media in the workplace they looked at that exact situation to determine how it would affect productivity. The results may surprise you.

It seems engaging in a little social break to check your Facebook or chat with a friend may actually increase workplace productivity. This infographic does point out some of the dangers of social media at work though. Opening up the companies systems to viruses and liability are at the top of the list.

Conclusion: I think we are seeing a changing of times when people are so connected that businesses can’t expect their company to be immersed in technology and not have it overflow into social tech. The fact is that we are more connected and social now than ever and instead of fighting it, some companies are embracing it. Way back in the times of Edison at Menlo Park, they knew that times of focused work should be balanced with times of relaxation and social activities. This actually helped people produce more and stay more focused. Workplaces like Google and Apple have used these strategies to increase productivity. It seems happy employees actually work harder… Is your business squeezing the joy (and productivity) out of your employees. The future is balance. Social media at work is not going away and it may be time for you to re-examine your company’s policy on social media so that people can get back to work.

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Infographic source: ComplianceAndSafety.com Thanks Matthew!

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