July 25, 2014

Social Media Tactics of Marketers Across the Web

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Social Media Tactics - Social Magnets

Hello Everyone,

The internet is a roaring sea of information. A marketers paradise, or a mirage for many. The ability to market to target audiences and even mass market are ridiculous, but all this noise makes success a mirage in the online desert. Marketers are constantly looking for new social media tactics and advice from other marketers, but it is information overload. Like the internet itself needs search engines, you need a filter that can sort through all the information and distill to you the heavenly drops of wisdom… Here we go.

In looking at a recent post from Software Advice, an online company that evaluates social CRM tools, and Adobe on the social media tactics of marketers across the web. I found some interesting insights that go beyond social media optimization. They show the tactics marketers are using and focusing on. This actually tells us a little about the landscape of digital marketing and lets us find ourselves on the curve. Here are a couple highlights and the research is below in a Slideshare.

1 – The largest group post on 4 different social networks. 14% post only on 2 and 10% on 7 or more. The think that jumps out to me here is the fact that people are spread out so much. At first a person might think I need to be on more networks, but under the surface I would bet that people don’t have a large presence on all of these networks. The fact is sprinkling a little content in a lot of places is worse that creating a real presence on one network. Then work on another network and build a real presence.

2 – Over half of the people in the survey post only once or less a day. Now compare this to how many networks they belong to and you start to see the picture. People are on many networks but not posting regularly on them all. Only 19% post more than 3 posts a day. My guess is those are likely using tools or automation to help them.

3 – Less than 9% schedule content several weeks in advance. The majority either post in real time or no more than a week in advance. What this means is the hands are on the steering wheel. This is why people hire a social media manager because it is an everyday job. This also means that heads are down and you either need tools to help you see the big picture or that most marketers are so busy posting to social media that they can’t see how it is doing for them.

The takeaway – Marketers are still spending a lot of time in the trenches learning about social media tactics and then posting. Only a small portion have a strategy, are scheduling content, and have their tasks nailed down to the point that they can measure results and guide the ship. Targeting is number 3 on most important tactics for optimizing content. Hashtags and images are ranked higher and yet people aren’t focusing on who they are talking to or even testing to see what content and times are getting more response. To summarize, many are active on social media, but few are getting the tangible rewards from it.  This creates all the noise online that they then have to cut through. If people were smart and specific with their online goals it would be a quieter and more effective environment for all marketers. Be the exception. Here are 3 simple social media tactics to be exceptional:

1 – Pick one or two platforms and focus on them. This will cut down the time you need to research social media tactics for that platform. This will also help you listen and create real engagement.

2 – Strategize your content and give it a purpose. Know your audience and give them what they want.

3 – Schedule your content so you have time to interact, research, and listen to your audience. This will make everything else you do more effective.

When you get it right, then look at your next platform and use the time you saved by scheduling your content in advance to grow your next success. Or say forget it and hire someone like us to handle the content and follower growth so you can interact or run your business. We have Social Media Management packages starting at $199 a month up to $1299 depending on how much you want us to do. Either way, social media isn’t going away, your business needs to have a growing digital presence online. Get to it.

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Founder of SocialMagnets, I am passionate about social media, influence, innovation, strategy, and marketing. I love to help people learn and understand the digital world. I stretch people's thinking and share my analysis of information, tools, and strategies in social media. Let's connect


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