April 23, 2014

Staying in Front of Your Customers

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Staying in Front of Your Customers

Hello Everyone,

OK I’ll admit I have not written a new post for a little while. Having tons of projects, a move, and all my clients takes you away like a groundswell, which by the way is a great book :] Shout out to Charlene Li. So let’s dig back in and talk about staying in front of your customers and why this matters.

Staying in front of your customers is mostly about opportunity. There are millions of businesses out there for customers to choose from. So many that many customers have stopped seeing companies as individuals. Your business is a small voice in a big world. When this happens they get selfish an think only about what they are going to get from the few they are looking at. When Google says there are 2 million results for a search the customer isn’t interested in sifting through the 2 million or even more than about the first 5. I guarantee the first 5 are not the best of the 2 million. So consumers take the best of the 5 visible. What does this mean?

Being in front of your customers is what creates the opportunity for business. Many times we think we need to build the best product or service, but this simply isn’t true. Mediocre services and products are sold in the millions every day. Many superior products sit on shelves as well. This is where product discover comes in which can scale and lead to sales growth and market domination, but having the best product isn’t enough. You have to stay in front of your customers. Here are 3 tips to do that.

tips and tricks

1 – Find them. The rise in mobile proves this single point. Most businesses are still thinking of desktops and getting a website. Most shoppers now are on their mobiles. If they are at work and on the go for the majority of the day then waiting for them to get home and on a desktop is only sliver of the total screen time available to market to them. Taking mobile seriously and having a presence on mobile and social is key to success because you will be with them all day long. The herd has moved, don’t sit at the old spot to hunt. Go where they are.

2 – Consistency. Content curation is going to continue to be a growing necessity for businesses. You can’t sit there advertising to them about your service all day or they will unfollow you. You have to deliver relevant information they want when they want it. Since most platforms use a blogroll type of structure, it means your information like a Google search is constantly getting pushed out of view. This means the person with consistent posts will always remain in view. For most businesses this is impossible as they can’t sit there all day delivering content weaved with their advertising. This is why people hire a social media manager.

3 – Relevance. Customers have an instant and nasty filter called relevance. It is a checks to see if information is important to them and compelling enough for them to take action. If the answer is no to either of these it is quickly passed over in the split second the filter does its job. You must know your audience and deliver on this or the first two points will be in vain.

So what can you do? Like the days of SEO, you can either try and learn it and do it yourself, or hire it out. Since the learning required is ever changing, and the time investment is almost constant, this is not likely an option for business owners who need to run their business. Cost may be a factor as well. Hiring a big company for thousands to do this isn’t possible for many businesses that actually need to do just that to grow and survive.

Consulting SM

This is why we offer social media management packages to fit every budget. Starting at $199 a month for basic curation that gets regular relevant content to your prospects where they are for you to then engage when they reach out to you. At $499 we will do the engaging and apply techniques that will grow your audience at a faster rate than average. And when you are ready for the whole package we can also run a blog for you to put out high quality content as well for $1,500 a month. Whether you hire us or not, you need to be doing this to grow your business. It is time to realize your customers have moved and you need to move with them. Visit our Services page to find the package right for you.

If you are a business that offers marketing or SEO services. We have many complimentary services and micro services to get engagement on your client’s content as well and can handle overflow and outsource services you don’t offer. Contact us we would love to partner. Thanks everyone! I am back on the blogging wagon again.

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