January 26, 2015

Stop Social Media Mugging People

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Stop Social Media Mugging People - Social Magnets

Walking the streets of social media can be a dangerous proposition anymore. I know you feel safe sitting behind your keyboard, but I had to admit, I have been social media mugged many times on my way to work. Social media seems like a safe public place where people should be safe, but the fact is that these streets are just not safe. There are a handful of different types of muggings that happen on a regular basis in feeds all across the world. If you manage social media for others like I do, you are likely to deal with this everyday. Here is a list so you can see if you have been a victim.

Mugging definition

Like Mugging – This is where you are going about your business strolling through your feed and suddenly without provocation you are told to like this post if you love Jesus, or like if you don’t want a cute fluffy kitten to get thrown outside in the cold. Many times the content isn’t interesting and even if I do like Jesus and fluffy kittens, I feel a little violated when I am forced to like your post to prove it.

Instead of Asking for Likes, Share Likable Content

Comment Mugging – Yes, say a word that starts with n and ends with o. What is the first word you see. We are in a cop car and you say three words what would they be. Desperate for comments. I always win at these games. Trying to force people to comment so you get a worthless post shared is a bad idea.

Instead of Requiring a Comment, Share Conversational Content

Sales Mugging – Hey, what a cute picture of my friends little girl…. Bam I didn’t know I needed to attend your webinar. Let me just say hi to my old High school friend then I can sign up for your amazing offer. Spam really sticks out when you are communicating with friends. This tactic feels like a purse snatching, and is made worse if you don’t know your audience.

Instead of Asking for a Sale, Be Purchase Worthy

Branding Mugging – Yeah, if life had commercials this would be them. One minute you are going through your feed about to smile at your friends new baby, and then a commercial pops up just to let you know that you needed to be distracted. Know when and how to make your brand presence known.

Instead of Pushing Your Brand, Pull with Your Brand

Irrelevant Mugging – This is like a pickpocket bumping into you and lifting your watch. Just because you care about something doesn’t mean your whole network will. If you become to irrelevant to what your followers are interested in then it won’t be you.

Instead of Sharing Irrelevant Information, Be Aware of Your Audience

These are all things that fill up feeds with garbage that people have to sift through or ignore. There is a time and place for sales and branding. It isn’t all the time or at random from a dark alley. Each social media platform is different. Platforms like Facebook where people are sharing with personal friends are not the place to grab and dash, beg for likes and comments, or to share every thought that pops into your mind. Social media requires social skills. If you want to be successful in social media all you have to do is stop doing the things that don’t work.

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Ross Quintana
Founder of SocialMagnets, I am passionate about social media, influence, innovation, strategy, and marketing. I love to help people learn and understand the digital world. I stretch people's thinking and share my analysis of information, tools, and strategies in social media. Let's connect


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