June 16, 2014

The Sum of All Smarts

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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The Sum of All Smarts

Hello Everyone,

Alas, I felt the need to write a post and here we are sitting together. I was recently reflecting on one of the core things that I feel separates me from many other people. I like to do things smartily. Yes I can and will make up words with no fear of a red line saying that is misspelled. I was looking back at the ebb and flow of my life and I feel one of the huge advantages in life is simply doing things smarter.

Smart living comes from smart thinking, and that comes from awareness and dissatisfaction with the way things are done. Like many of you, I work on the computer much of my day. For me, one less click is like a slice of angel’s food cake. I get excited when I figure out a keyboard shortcut or remove a step from the process altogether. The trend of lifehacking is nothing new. I enjoyed a video I saw once making fun of lifehacking because they pointed out the outsider’s view of lifehacking which is sometimes, nay I say many times the benefit derived from the lifehack is minimal and even out of proportion to the effort to create such benefit.

But they don’t actually understand the culture of lifehacking. It isn’t about the huge benefit that changes your life. It is rather the sum of all the small benefits you get from the multitude of lifehacks you implement. And why not? How many brochures have you seen with only one benefit? They list multiple benefits, and when the list is long enough, it starts to represent value. If we apply this to our business and lives we can find some great understanding here. Here are 3 things you can do to implement the Sum of All Smarts into your life:

1 – Be aware of your repetitions. Humans are habitual and so are businesses. We do the same things over and over again and these make up your day. You would think you do a million things in a day who could count them, but actually it can be boiled down to a handful of things you do, for most people it is probably under 20-40 processes. ┬áPay attention to your repetitions and then think about ways to do them smarter.

2 – Learn. Yes that is profound, the problem with many things that are profound is they often get overlooked as simple and the depth of them and application is lost. Take that list of things you do and search for posts or videos on how to do it better. If you do something like write blog posts. You should be reading weekly about writing tips. What we do is simple and repetitive, so improving on a skill you use every day makes a dramatic present and future impact on your life.

3 – Master small change. implement one small thing a day or multiple things a day but at least one. Become a master at making small changes because big changes are rare and never happen without small actions. Small actions are the catalyst to large change.

Live smarter tomorrow than you did today. Forget big change and look for the small refinements that will surprise you with dramatic long term change. I like to analyze things and make them better. If you want me to look at your project or business and help you make it better, then call us for a free consultation 509-362-1966. If there is room to grow, I can help you find it. Have an exceptional day :]

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