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Google - The Old Blind Master

Google – The Old Blind Master

We have all seen the kung fu story where the old blind master teaches a young new student. SEO and Google are very much like that old blind master. The story of Google is a story of a blind man who is trying to imagine the real...
by Ross Quintana


SEO trends and the Impact of Blogging [Infographic]

We have all heard content is king, but with SEO the king is exercising his power as we move forward on the internet. Social media and blogging is starting to grow in importance. Audience engagement and the tools that measure it...
by Ross Quintana


Google Your World Feature on Google Search

When we think of searching in Google we think of things we want to explore that aren’t part of our circles, but that way social media has expanded our digital world now creates an environment when we want bits and pieces ...
by Ross Quintana



Google+ Leverage is the Name of the Game

It seems like the old Apple vs Microsoft that there are strong opinions of who is the greater. Much of this ends up being speculation because not only are the platforms starting at different times, but the platforms are changin...
by Ross Quintana



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