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The Value of Audience in a Distracted World

The Value of Audience in a Distracted World

In this world, there is a digital squirrel every nanosecond to distract you. Getting and keeping people’s attention is getting harder and harder to do. One thing we can learn from TV is how and why to create an audience. ...
by Ross Quintana

Social Media Creates Influence

How Social Media Influences People – Infographic

                          Social media is changing more than the way we communicate. Since the first caveman grunted at his wife once to say he was hungry, and tw...
by Ross Quintana

Return on Influence Mark Schaefer

Return On Influence – A great read from @MarkWSchaefer



Overall Review 4.5 / 5 - Excellent
Editor's Choice
by Ross Quintana


Digital Influence - Social Magnets

Digital Influence – Understanding the Zeros and Ones

We’re online. We work in a world of zeros and ones (binary code). Simple numbers that are the fabric of our digital experience. The problem happens when there become thousands and millions of them in different arrangement...
by Ross Quintana



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