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Collect it All – Social Media and Online Privacy

In a recent article about the NSA and the Snowden Leak about Prism the NSA’s information collection program, the Guardian boils down the heart of the story. “Collect it All” This was a brilliant piece by them ...
by Ross Quintana


Why People Still Want to #Boycottinstagram After Supposed Fix

  OK folks buckle up, we are about to look at what is going on with the whole Instagram Terms of Service (TOS) debacle. Earlier this week I wrote a post about why the hashtag #boycottinstagram was trending on Twitter. They...
by Ross Quintana

Boycott Instagram

Why Do People Want to #BoycottInstagram

If you logged on to Twitter today, you may have noticed the trending hashtag #BoycottInstagram. At first glance you may have wondered what this is all about. Instagram is a social media darling, so why would that hashtag trendi...
by Ross Quintana


Relationship Mergers

Social Media and Relationship Mergers

No I’m not talking about the hostile takeovers of corporate America, and I am not talking about connecting your social media accounts to each other. I am talking about the unintended consequences of the social media world...
by Ross Quintana



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