October 27, 2014

Tsu Social Network Buzz

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Tsu Social Network

Hello everyone,

What do you get when you cross a social network like Facebook with an MLM like structure where users instead of the platform get paid ad revenue? You get the Tsu Social Network – a New Social Network for people who share original content. I know, everyone is thinking, we don’t need a new social network but maybe we do. Here is how it works and some of the reasons I am happy to try new social networks.

The concept – Tsu believes that users, not the platform, should both own the content and thus profit from it. While other platforms serve up ads and get paid to advertise next to your content, Tsu shares that ad revenue with the users who shared the content. I like this idea. I also like that the share is 90% to the user and those who invited the user, and only 10% to the platform. This is a disruptive concept in the social platform world. I also think it is great for people like bloggers who generate original content. Yes you could monetize your content in many ways yourself, but now the platform itself will monetize it for you which is great for people who don’t know how to do that.

Tsū profile - Ross Quintana

Tsu social network is an invite only network, so you must be invited from someone else. The reason is your profile is then connected to them when it comes to generating ad revenue. You will both share in the revenue together. So if you know bloggers, you want to invite them to Tsu once you get signed up yourself. Here is a link with an invite to the Tsu social network from me.

Here is the reason I respect what they are doing and support it. Ads are going to happen. We know they are a main way many platforms monetize the site. The thing is you are the one generating the users and the content so they can make money and when was the last time you go your share of that money that you ultimately created. See, we all are annoyed by ads in social networks, but now you won’t mind them because they may help you pay for your latte or something bigger. Here is a shot of the backend that everyone who joins the network gets. It is called the Bank, and it tracks your daily earnings. Some people will think of it as just a way to make money, but I see it as another way to just share good content and and also share in the revenue that the platform makes by posting ads near my content.

tsū social network - Payout

I support the site because they at least shaking things up and thinking about the end user when designing their platform. These companies can’t exist without users and most are flat out rude to their users. I cover some of the dumb things social media platforms do like Facebook in my post, The unsocial behavior of social platforms. They are making money of you and your content and not even willing to have customer support when they are worth billions. I have no respect for those business models.

Will it be the next Facebook? probably not, but are they blazing the way with fresh business models and including the user in the business model? Yes they are. When a company is willing to pay its user it cares about its users because money is the currency of business. They are also bringing competition to the large networks which put pressure on them to thinking about their users needs. Sign up and show your support, and especially share it with bloggers and people who create and share good content because that is the niche I think will thrive on the Tsu social network. Feel free to send me a friend request over there and I will be happy to connect. Let me know what you think of this new business model and how you think it will work out for the creators of the Tsu social network. Cheers!

Interview with Tsu founder Sebastian Sobczak on Fox Business

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