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February 19, 2012

Tweeting Fat in Skinny Jeans

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Tweeting Fat in Skinny Jeans is something I see every day on Twitter.

Skinny jeans are a funny thing to me. People wear them to look skinny, but most people are so crammed into them they look like they may explode at any time. Twitter is the same way. We all know we have 140 characters, but some people use every last character to the point that if they wrote something great I can’t retweet it because there has to be room for my name and the RT. So here is a few tips to make sure someone can share your info.

Tip#1 – Save at least 20 characters if you want someone to RT (retweet) your post. that means you only have 120 to use. A safer bet is to use 100 for your info and then people can retweet you and their people can retweet them. This may seem basic, but the power of twitter is the retweet. If you have 1000 followers and they each have 1000 followers then your potential retweet audience is 1,000,000. That is no small number and you kill it if you use all the space. Trust me what you have to say in those last 10-20 characters is not more important than getting it retweeted.

Tip#2 – Don’t waste characters that are not necissary. Think of titles and tweets that are short but compelling. If your title has words like,”it is” change it to “it’s” that saves one character. “You are” can go to “You’re” Try not to use things like, “4U” it looks like cheap advertising. The key is reduce your title where you can and you sill start to learn how to talk with less. Trust me for most people this is better. One of the powers of Twitter is it has a get to the point structure that forces you to be more concise. This helps readers quickly determine if they want to click your link or follow you.

Tip#3 – Ease up on the Hashtags (#SocialMedia,#ThisHashtagIsWayToLong). Hashtags are used so people who search a term can find your tweet. Hashtags use up valuable character real estate. Avoid long Hashtags and try to use the most important one and maybe leave off the second and third.

Tip#4 – Shorten your URL. Many Twitter posting tools and Twitter shorten URLs (links), but not always. A long link wastes space. Use a link shortening site like Bitly to keep your links short so your content can shine.

Tip#5 – Watch out for autoposting from sites or tools. Many sites add text or take the first 140 characters to make the tweet, this leaves zero characters for people to retweet. Many times people like something and tweet it and the site will just fill in all 140. Some sites let you edit it before sending it out. Delete anything not needed. Even if you are tweeting something from a web page, you want your followers to be able to retweet it because it mentions you as the source. There has to be room for them and you.

The point of this post is that by trying to squeeze into those 140 character jeans many times you don’t allow yourself to be shared on Twitter. That extra information you cram into your tweet isn’t making you look better. Skinny jeans are really better worn when your tweet is smaller than the space it is trying to fit into if you know what I mean?

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by Ross Quintana

by Ross Quintana


by Ross Quintana

by Ross Quintana