February 2, 2012

Twitter is So Much Deeper than 140 Characters

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Shh.. Twitter is probably happy nobody is noticing how awesome they really are.

Twitter has become like the rebels from the movie The Matrix. As the battle wages over Facebook and Google+ in what appears to be the real world, Twitter sits in the background as an ever growing power waiting to take over. I know what you are saying… Twitter so what. People usually miss the powerful stuff because it is hiding in plain sight. Here is a little breakdown of the power of Twitter and why most people don’t get it:

Packman – Like most old school games, they allowed you to do nothing but a basic movement yet the levels got harder and harder. Twitter lets you simply post 140 characters and then go on your merry way. But underneath the skin it is deep. Even though the concept is simple there are so many complex ways to use  that simple concept. It is a form of micro communication.

Real Time – Yes real time, like people creating revolutions or reporting the devastation of earthquakes. Real time matters in a competitive world where time is of the essence. People watch games and shows and tweet about them in real time to experience the moments with others while they happen.

Social – Lists, Followers, Tweetups, Groups, and Hashtags. These all allow people to come together and connect. When people first come by Twitter they may miss this. The social power of Twitter isn’t about who you already know like on Facebook, it is about who you can meet. Stalk conversations or groups and then jump in and engage when you are ready.

Chat – You can have real time conversations both in public or private through DM (Direct Messages). Many a texting fanatic use Twitter because brevity is how they speak. Again the great part of this is you can watch conversation and they become living articles or live news on any topic or person you want.

Search – Watch out Google, Twitter searches are powerful and real time. You can find out news as it happens and join in to the conversation unlike Google Search. Plus you can find very specific information fast. You can also connect and talk with the person who has that information.

Networking – Scan profiles, use the search, measure people by influence and who they know. Twitter is a networker’s dream. The limited information helps you sift through profiles quickly. Determinations can be made fast on the quality of information the person puts out because it is limited. Jump in conversations, Retweet their information to get on their radar. You can get people’s attention without being blunt.

Business – With the ability to share links and direct large groups of traffic, Twitter is not only a great SEO tool, it is great for online business too. The potential of Twitter in business is subtle and expansive. The key is understanding what it can do and how that can be used.

With all these traits I challenge the person who thinks Twitter is a dumb little site where you only get to say one sentence. Compare these functions to what a full size social media platform can do. Facebook – Chat, Social, Alerts, Networking, Business, and Search. To the person who peels back the layers you will find that Twitter does everything those bloated sites do with much less interface. Don’t get me wrong there is room for improvement, but what a minimal interface for all it can do. P.S. Twitter if you need a chief strategist don’t hesitate to call me. :]

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