July 26, 2017

3 Reasons Extreme Personalization is the Undeniable Future of Business

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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3 Reasons Personalization is the Undeniable Future of Business - Social Magnets

The way you think of marketing and personalization is about to go through some dramatic change. The decades of mass broadcast marketing that seemed impersonal and annoyed you was in fact impersonal. We are entering a new age thanks to technologies like artificial intelligence and deep learning that will enable not just personalization, but extreme personalization.

Personalization – The Good, Bad, and Ugly. Up until now the idea of personalization in marketing has come in two forms: Email name merge, Hello [name], and telemarketers saying, “Hello Mr. Smith”. For most people this wasn’t doing it for them and was the sign that you were talking to a salesperson that was acting like they know you to get you to buy something. Nothing says don’t trust me like someone calling ¬†you Mr. [Last Name]. Those techniques had their day in the sun and now we are all glad they will melt away. The latest technology replacing that is not personalizaed at all other than it knows your number, Robocalls. I get these every day thinking they are new clients and I answer and it says,”Don’t hang up! I want to tell you about xyz” Bad technology, please die a horrible death.

What is Extreme Personalization? Now lets talk about how technology is going to go from the awkward tween years to the useful and awesome adult years. Extreme personalization will finally bring useful marketing to us. Extreme personalization is AI (artificial intelligence) driven deep learning software that allows companies to market the right products at the right time and in the right way to potential customers. In a way it is the anti-marketing because most people hate marketing because it isn’t relevant to them. Interruption marketing, as Seth Godin calls it, is the price we have paid to access content of some form or another with good content being interrupted by ads that were likely not relevant to you.

Then we saw the rise of content marketing which is where we are now. This form of marketing doesn’t need to interrupt the content you are wanting to consume, it just integrates into it. Content marketing has forced companies to bridge the gap between their product or service by creating some type of relevant content that connects to the brand. This actually is a form of personalization but it isn’t extreme personalization which actually personalizes content, products, and services to you on a one to one basis in a way that will resonate with you.

To get context for this whole conversation, I suggest you download and read this report from Brian Solis on: The Next Modern Commerce Disruption: A Marketer’s Blueprint to Win in the Age of Personalization

3 Reasons Extreme Personalization is the Undeniable Future of Business

1 – Too Much Noise. In what we now call the attention economy, there are countless devices, a deluge of information, and greater competition for your time, money, and attention than ever before. This simply means the world is much more demanding on you and this creates noise. In a crowded setting we ignore everything that we don’t have to. When communication is directed towards us we pay attention. We also pay attention only to things and information we think is relevant to us. This is creating a very efficient noise filter in the way we see and pay attention to things in our world. If something isn’t relevant, it doesn’t exist to us, we ignore it. Even in our social newsfeeds we ignore and scroll past information shared by people we know and care about, so how much more companies, marketing, and messages from strangers and people we don’t care about. This is why relationship, personalization, and relevance are the litmus test of attention.

2 – It’s a Win Win. For things to make a huge impact and shift in the marketplace or society they generally need to provide real value. In the case of extreme personalization, it is a win win for both the marketers and the consumers. For the marketers it allows you to raise your conversions because you are ultra-optimized. You are talking to the right people, at the right time, with the messaging and product that they will most likely respond to. This is gold and conversions will go through the roof as you can get more sales with less inputs. As I have said before about segmenting and targeting are keys to both business agility, success, and sales. Consumers love it because they are now seeing content and marketing that is more relevant to them and that reduces personal noise in their world. If you only saw content, marketing, and products that you would actually want to know about in a way that was personal to you, it would change the way you think about marketing.

3 – Technology Will Enable It. Companies have never had the ability to optimize at this level before. AI and deep learning are going to bring this within reach of the average business. For large businesses this means being to to make a huge jump in revenue to their existing customers and new ones as well. The small companies can also get a huge benefit because it reduces risk and expense of marketing to get their products and messaging in front of the right people. The sheer power and impact that this technology will bring to every business is undeniable. It will change the way businesses do business and democratize the market for everyone.

How to prepare for the Future of Business. I have been doing work with Kahuna a leading startup in the space of AI powered extreme personalization for marketing automation and Brian Solis who has some great thoughts on how this is driving the future of business. Businesses have to be prepared for the customer experience driven future and how personalization is going to drive this by enabling technologies like AI and deep learning to understand our customers better so we can deliver real value to them. If you want to better understand where to start with experience business check out this article I wrote for Becoming an Experience Business Starts with This Basic Premise. Love to hear your thoughts below and if you found value in this post please share it. Thanks again!

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