July 29, 2013

Are You Offering Micro Services?

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Are You Offering Micro Services

Sometimes smaller is better. You know, if you look at the world holistically you may notice a trend. The trend is micro. Let’s look at some of the micro trends happening in the recent past.

Texting – Micro Communication

Twitter – Micro Blogging

Vine – Micro Video

Instagram/Pinterest – Micro Photo Sharing

Kiva – Micro Finance

Intel – Micro Processors

Smart Phones/Tablets – Micro Computers

Niche Marketing – Micro Markets

Hyper Local – Micro Geographic

Nano Technolgy – Micro Technology

Blogging – Micro News

The world is getting more complex and information is expanding, at the same time things are getting smaller and more segmented. The huge contrast is growth and reduction is creating some interesting innovation. One thing that has developed from this is the concept of micro services. A company called Fiverr is a great example of micro services. Smaller services are offered on Fiverr  for five bucks, much like a dollar store sells everything for a dollar. The reason this works is people like the ability to know they can go shopping and afford anything for sale. In a normal store you may come across something you can’t afford, but dollar stores have removed that stress ensuring that what you see you can buy. Micro services have the same impact on potential customers.

It is interesting to see what you can get for five dollars. Turns out there are many small things that are small services that are worth more than the five dollars you pay for them. A great example is a comment on your post. It isn’t a big thing, but for people sharing content getting that first comment is hard to do. We have all had posts that have 20 likes or 100 shares and no comments. You hope someone comments so that others will also comment instead of reading and leaving. Writers like feedback and conversation over their content and comments attract other comments. Would you pay $5 to get a first comment on demand to encourage others to comment as well. Many people would, this is why we offer this as one of our micro services.

Micro Services are great to gain clients. Though your regular services may be more expensive, micro services give people a chance to try you out before committing to a larger spend. You can break down your larger services like business consulting at $100-200/hr into a 15 minute consultation for $5-10. This lowers the barrier of resistance and gets you talking with a potential client. Now some may think it is a waste of time to do something for $5 that may interrupt your schedule. The fact is I consider it a cost of advertising. It isn’t meant to generate large amounts of income, though some find ways to do this. It is meant to create opportunities. I know I have picked up clients for larger projects and even equity stakes in projects from people who bought a micro service from me on Fiverr.

Micro services are just another way to offer services, make connections, and grow your business. Like all the other trends we pointed out, it is a great example of reduction for expansion. We are experimenting with micro services and so far the results have been good. Look at your business and figure out which micro services you might be able to offer. Until next time we”ll keep helping you attract more people and grow your business.

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