Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath is an excellent book. One of the fundamental goals of advertising is to be “sticky”. Sticky advertising is more impacting and drives more response from the people who hear or see it. This book is a collective guide on what makes marketing sticky. I love the case study format which illustrates in real practice what the authors are trying to demonstrate. I made many pages of notes from this book. This book has something for everyone who is trying to influence and market their product or service. If you are into marketing strategies, social media, or any business where you are trying to stand out from your competition you should read this book.

Some takeaways – The power of parable, short and profound stories. The power of mystery and the need for the customer to fill in the gaps that you left out. This book really fine tunes your thoughts on marketing. I also like that it is filled with concepts for you to build on and concrete how to information you can put to use right away. I gave this book 4.5 Stars and highly recommend it.

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