This was my first read from Seth Godin, a small book so I gave it a go. I have to say as an idea guy I loved Purple Cow. I think I wrote two pages of ideas for my business based off of the concepts of the book. I would read a small section then ask myself how can I apply this to my industry. This isn’t a how to book on creating remarkable brands and products, it is more of a case study and concept book. For that reason some people have been disappointed because they wanted a list of specific things to do to be a Purple Cow. This book shows what being remarkable means in the business world and why you need to be remarkable.

Seth Godin has done a great job showing the structure of what it means to be remarkable. I became a fan of his work from this book and would suggest it to anyone who is marketing anything. Purple cow is about a mindset of standing out and doing things in a way that creates buzz and makes people talk about you. This information can be used in any area of life where you want to stand out or where it is competitive. I would highly recommend this book and it is on my list of favorites that I will read more than once.

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