March 5, 2012

Empire Avenue – Streets Paved with Influence

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Empire Avenue – You may have heard about it, but do you really know what it is and the true value of it?

Before getting involved in Empire Avenue I heard positive and negatives about it. Some people were working hard at building their empire, while others thought it was a huge waste of time, so I dove in to find out.

Premise – Track, Reward, and Gamify online behavior. With the rise of social influence measurements like Klout, Peer Index, and Kred, it was only a matter of time before someone came with social influence measurement 2.0. Empire Avenue did a brilliant job of combining more intricate measurement of online influence and activity while creating an addictive gamification for online activity. In Empire Avenue each person or brand has a stock value that rises and falls according to their online activity and engagement. You can buy and sell shares of other people hoping that you bought low and the person will become more active and influential thus raising their value and the value of your investment. The game economy works on money called eaves and much like our stock market there are many ways to get rich and influential in Empire Avenue.

Mechanics – Activity, Reach, and Engagement all produce value that is quantified in eaves and stock prices. A person’s weekly activity for each platform they link is shown and the number of actions they take daily is highlighted. The system also gives them a score for each platform based on activities, their reach on the platform, and engagement of people through their activities. These all produce value for them and their stock holders by way of increased stock prices. Your data is available for you to see and for anyone else considering spending some of their eaves to invest in you.

Value – Metrics, Management, and Accountability. Some may not see the value of spending time buying and selling shares in other people, or being concerned about their stock price but they would be missing a subtle value of this system. Empire Avenue has some really great metrics. The fact that they measure your activity, not only daily but also over time, is of huge value. I don’t know of a system that really quantifies the level of your social media activity, consistency, and daily actions with up to the moment stats. The weekly, daily, and an overall score is perfect. As a management tool for all my platforms it is brilliant. I can see at a glance which platforms I am neglecting and use it as a tool to manage my overall social activity. Advisors in the system let you see even more detailed information in each platform. The final piece is accountability. Each account I have can affect my overall score so now I may go to Flickr and make sure I load some photos and keep my profiles current.

Empire Avenue is an excellent site for anyone who wants to grow their social presence and influence. There is a social aspect as well with communities and shout outs that lets you connect with people. The leaderboards let you see who is the most influential and you can see all their accounts and how active they are in each one. If you ever wanted to stalk someone and see what they are doing that works this is a great tool. I am working on a whole series of videos that will dig deeper into how to get started right, great strategies, and hidden secrets. Empire Avenue is a place where the streets are paved with influence. Opportunity to grow across all your platforms is available for anyone who wants to work their way up through the ranks. Come pack up your social networks and come to the promised land.

Give me your tired, and poor, huddled masses of profiles and social platforms, I lift my lamp by the golden door.

I invite you to check out Empire Avenue, and make sure and search for me (ROSSQUINTANA) when you enter and buy 200 shares of me and say hi on my wall so I can be the first to invest in you and help you get started right…. after all I have lit the way :]

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