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Stop Social Media Mugging People - Social Magnets

Stop Social Media Mugging People

Walking the streets of social media can be a dangerous proposition anymore. I know you feel safe sitting behind your keyboard, but I had to admit, I have been social media mugged many times on my way to work. Social media seems...
by Ross Quintana

Acting Like Facebook on Twitter

How To Not Act Like Facebook On Twitter

Oh Facebook, how do you annoy me, let me count the ways… Have you ever gone to your feed or wall and it is dominated by one person posting things you don’t really care about? In the real world we don’t call ev...
by Ross Quintana


Twitter Tutorial 3 – The Basics How to Engage

This is the 3rd Twitter tutorial video in a series from beginner to advanced use of Twitter. Video 1 was how to sign up to Twitter and Video 2 was how to Tweet. In this 3rd Twitter tutorial video we are going  learn how to eng...
by Ross Quintana



The New Facebook Timeline [Infographic]

Nothing brings a cringe of frustration to people like one of their favorite platforms making site wide changes that they have to learn. Facebook to me is the king of forcing change on their users. That being said the hope is th...
by Ross Quintana


How to Create a Facebook Landing Page

You have seen them before, the nice custom designed splash pages that people see when first coming to someones Facebook page but you may have thought that wasn’t something you could create. Well, thanks to Pat’s sho...
by Ross Quintana




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