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Video Marketing Infographic

4 Reasons You Need Video Marketing

With all the excitement and buzz about the hottest social media platform out there, many people miss a vital key to online success. For businesses who are trying to sell goods or services the internet can become the best employ...
by Ross Quintana

Small Bussiness Needs an Online Presence

10 Reasons Small Businesses Need an Online Presence

Follow the herd. Customers have migrated online and millions of small businesses continue to tell themselves either they don’t need a website or they can’t afford one. The fact is that they old walk by traffic model...
by Ross Quintana

Social Media at Work Infographic

Social Media at Work – [Infographic]

Get back to work people! Those words ring through the halls of many businesses. If you think socializing around cubicles is a problem, what happens when that social distraction goes global and spreads from one workplace to anot...
by Ross Quintana


Social Media and Business

7 Reasons Businesses Need Social Media [Infographic]

7 Reasons Businesses Need Social Media Social media is getting harder and harder to ignore in the business world. Businesses had a similar attitude to the internet 10 years ago. Many thought they would just ignore it or maybe i...
by Ross Quintana


Top 5 Social Platforms User Rankings [Infographic]

Here is what I see from this data on these social platforms. First we see an interesting thing with Facebook dominating, but Twitter is the next closest to Facebook and they are entirely different. I keep seeing Twitter Hashtag...
by Ross Quintana




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