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5 Reasons Why Digital Born Business Will Dominate the Future Blog

5 Reasons Why Digital Born Businesses Will Dominate the Future

The future of business is coming at us fast. Who will survive? Who will thrive? These are questions that businesses must be contemplating. A business that isn’t concerned about their survival is soon to be extinct. Don...
by Ross Quintana


Startup Predator and Prey [Infographic]

I love this infographic from Edemy and Column Five that takes us on the journey of the startup and outlines all the players. Sometimes funny and sometimes scary if you see yourself in any of these roles you will know what I mea...
by Ross Quintana


The Mis-management of Tech Startups

With more and more tech startups literally popping up all over the web everyone and their dog is ready to get in the game and they are. The problem is many of the programmers and idea guys that start internet startups have lit...
by Ross Quintana



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