May 20, 2012

Top 5 Social Platforms User Rankings [Infographic]

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Top 5 Social Platforms User Rankings [Infographic]

Here is what I see from this data on these social platforms. First we see an interesting thing with Facebook dominating, but Twitter is the next closest to Facebook and they are entirely different. I keep seeing Twitter Hashtags on TV and I think this more than anything is driving users to Twitter. Their real time open following policy is what makes people able to see a hashtag, and join a conversation about something in real time.

Second interesting thing is the monthly visits. It isn’t even close. People get on their Facebook accounts more often thank any of the other social platforms. Google + is suffering as people aren’t on there as much and you can see this in the average time on the site per month of 3 minutes. This tells me people go there but it is like going to a party where nobody is there. You look around and then leave. Google needs to do something to expand their userbase. My suggestion would be to allow the posts you make to post to your Facebook profile. This would get people using it along with Facebook instead of not using it because of Facebook.

Third is the male female ratio. The shaded areas are backwards compared to the stats (oops on the designer). But the numbers  breakdown by social platforms is interesting. Females are most into Twitter and Pinterest while Males are on Facebook, G+ and Linkedin. The reason I think for this is business. G+ attracted the business people first and like Linkedin I think that there is a larger focus on business and less on socializing like Twitter and Pinterest.

Finally we get to the age demographics per social platforms. Young crowds from 13-25 prefer Facebook, 26-44 dominate Twitter and Linkedin, and 45-55 also focus on Twitter and Linkedin. No surprise here as Twitter is great for sharing resources and quick conversation which fits well in this demogrphic. Networking and business on Linkedin also make sense. This information is key if you are running a business so you can tailor your message to the audience and go where they are going. If you sell  cosmetics you should be using Pinterest heavily.

The great thing about these comparisons is to know who make up the crowd of users on the social platforms you use most. You wouldn’t go to a party or join a group without knowing what type of people the members are and infographics like these tell us that and help us understand which direction these massive platforms are going.

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