April 21, 2013

Why First Experiences Turn Into Last Experiences in Business

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Written by: Ross Quintana
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Why First Experiences Turn Into Last Experiences in Business

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression, what they don’t tell you is that in business your first impression may be your last. Understanding how the brain works and what that has to do with your business is very important. It could answer the question of how to get more customers or why your marketing isn’t working. Consumers are inundated with new marketing every day and new products and services are also entering the marketplace every day. There is no way a consumer can keep up with everything and they won’t. What they will do is quickly label the items they do come in contact with and they simple won’t have time or inclination to relabel things.

The initial label they put on your brand will likely be the last for many businesses. Owning a business is a learning experience, but not for your customers. They won’t stick around through your learning curve and while you try different logos or marketing ideas. Maybe with the very large companies that can afford to force their brand on consumers, but for most you get one moment with the king (your customers). You better make it memorable and you better know how they are going to label your business. Here are 3 tips to make sure Your first impression on your customer isn’t your last.

1 – Know your customer before you meet them. This is something that is simply looked past by many small and mid sized businesses. They think if they build it, the customers will come. They only focused on making the product or service they think is good and never had a clear vision of their ideal customer or target market. Don’t skip research, know your ideal client in detail. If you can’t describe your target market in detail start over and build your product and marketing around them.

2 – Know your market. Do you spy on your competition? Do you know your main competitors marketing strategy? A smart strategist observes first, and then positions. Are you just another product or service in the market? how will you know who you are targeting, or why they should choose you if you don’t know what else is being sold to them and how. There are great gaps in the market that give businesses a competitive advantage for those with eyes to see them. So many businesses get so caught up in what they are trying to do they don’t realize what is going on around them. Know your market.

3 – Create your label before your customers do. How would customers describe your business to someone else. Do you have a story? Is your business shareable? Your company’s label is the most memorable thing that people will experience when coming in contact with any of your branding. This is why every marketing message and campaign must be infused with your company’s label. If you don’t manage this or know this, your customer sure does and it may not be a label you like. Maybe your label is forgettable. Maybe your customer service rep’s indifference is the label, maybe it is the annoying packaging. If you don’t control the label people use to associate your company your marketing won’t be effective.

Customers put a label on things the first time they see something new. A definition and association have to be created to explain what they saw or interacted with. This label will determine if your brand goes in the spam folder, the indifference folder, the negative file, or the exceptional file. Your marketing ins’t timeless, and your customer doesn’t care about what you think your company represents. Be strategic, know your customer and what they like so you can position your business to be the thing they have been looking for. Know your market so you can ensure that that first label is the one of being well defined in the market of all they products they know of in your market. Craft your branding, product, and touch points to ensure consistent and precise labels are being recorded for your brand when they first label your business.

This commercial is perfect to illustrate how businesses sometimes try so hard to do everything right, but it all falls apart if they don’t manage the moment of customer contact.

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